Cooking Experiment: Mock Frito Pie

Now that I’ve gotten the previous post out of the way, on to the cooking experiment I did last night.  😉

Wednesday, I received an email from one of my friends who just got back into town from Austin, Texas visiting relatives.  (Hey, why don’t anyone make phone call anymore? 😛 )  In the email she mentioned that she had a dish that was interesting and she enjoyed immensely:  Frito pie.  Frito pie, what the heck is that?  I wondered.  I didn’t think about it until last night when I was thinking about what I was going to make for dinner.  Got online and look up Frito pie.  I never had it, never heard of it and when I saw what it was and what it entailed, it took me by surprised. 

From wikipedia:

  Frito pie is a dish made with chili, cheese, and corn chips.  Optional additions include salsa, refried beans, rice, and jalapeños, among others.  It is popular in the Southern and Southwestern United States; particularly the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Now my challenge was, how to make this vegetarian and a bit on the healthy side.  😀   The Curiocook in me was on the estatic side while the diabetic and the heart sat back and waited for the finished dish.



Trying something new on one heck of a prayer Pt. 2

Evenin’ !  😀

First off, I have to give an apology for not giving the pt 2 to “trying something new on one heck of a prayer” sooner.   Life sometimes has a way of getting in the way… anyhoo,

excerpt from last post:

So… this is what I did; I divided the mixture up and rolled each in some wax paper and aluminum foil and in the oven it went.  That’s as far as I got with this experiment.  I think I will let them cook in the oven for about 45-50 minutes. 

The actual cooking process took 80 minutes.  The logs cooked in the wax paper and aluminum foil for 60 minutes because I wanted to draw as much water out as possible and then I let it cook unwrapped for an additional 20 minutes to let them brown and crisp up a bit.  The outcome,

Success!!!!!  It was a great dish!  😀  No really, those logs came out great!  I cut one loaf into 2 inch pieces (1  yield enough for 6 – 2 inch pieces) and with them, I made a honey mustard sauce and rustic (because I left the skin on and plenty of lumps!  😛 ) mashed potatoes.  Haven’t exactly came up with an interesting name for the logs; actually you can think of them as a type of meatloaf, but just skinnier.  😛  The only modification that I would make to this dish, is adding brown mustard.   Mustard just seemed to go so well with these loaves!   


Trying something new on ONE heck of a PRAYER!!! xD

Part 1

Evenin’ Folks!  😛 

How’s your Saturday evening going?  Me, I was in the kitchin’  on the creative side.  Well, had a thought and just went with it.  The supermarket across the street from me had this super mega sale Friday and I just went crazy!  Even Splenda was on sale.  Ha!  So anyhoo… still in my Tofu phase and it was on sale, but unfortuately when I got there, all the extra firm and firm tofu was gone and the only ones left was soft and silken. 

The first time I tried tofu, I brought the silken one and I will not tell you what a disastarous ordeal I had trying to make a dish out of it.  Some things are left to be unsaid!



Recipe Sharing!

Howdy! 😀

How goes it this Friday Evening?

Tonight I’m cleaning out my email and sometimes emails that should go to your outbox winds up in the Spam box.  Well, it’s a good thing I look quickly through the spam emails… otherwise I would have missed this gem of a recipe:

Vegetable Paella with Tofu  <—- click on link for recipe.  😉

I subscribed to weekly emails.  Came across some pretty good recipes.  This recipe, vegetable paella with tofu was right up my alley… why?  Tofu!  A phase I hope I don’t grow out of.  Looks yummy and has great ingredients in it.  Will give it a try when I’m feeling to eat rice again.  LOL!!!!  This is most I’ve eaten of rice my whole lifetime thus far!  😛  So I guess it’s only natural that I give it a rest every now and then.


CousCous-Veggie Pilaf w/Tofu (Yummmm….)

Heyas!  😀

Today was a nice cool day to get in the kitchen and cook up a dish!  Yay!  😛   Lately — well, for the past week and a half, I’ve been on a Tofu kick!  It was tofu this, tofu that, and don’t know why because I’m kinda impartial to tofu, but everything had to have some tofu in it.  Been strict with myself with vegetarian eating only because I fell off the wagon last month.  😦  I don’t know… I just got a bit bored with eating vegetable-laced dishes.  I would have my meat protein (which of course was ground chicken) and Morning Star and Bocca products, but for some reason, I just wanted more than that.


1 minute post

Sitting at my station right now at work and I’m in my private own little hell!!!!!  These flashes are really getting to me now — in the worst way.

Already an anemic and it’s one big “take jacket off, put jacket on” effect and it’s getting under my skin now.  Too big of a price to pay for these injections that I’m taking.

Sigh… minute is up. 😦

Hot Flash Anyone?

I need to be saved from these dang HOT FLASHES THAT I’M HAVING!!!!  Somebody come and rescue me… please!  Oh gosh, I did not expect this to be as bad as it is.  I truly know what having a hot flash means.  The worst part, it’s a constant 24 HOUR feeling!  Since I’ve been taking these injections and it’s only been two thus far mind you, I feel like I’m going stir-crazy!  Grrr!!! 


Brainstorming on Soy chunks…


So like after the success on the dish with soy chunks from yesterday, today, the light over my head blinked on, and the thought occurred to me to try to make a new dish:

Barbeque Pulled  Soy Chunk sandwiches with coleslaw.  😀

Brought all the ingredients I would need and then when I got home… well that was a different story.  It was just too dang hot to be up in some kitchen trying to cook!  Couldn’t do it.  LOL  Today was really a hot one — 95 degrees at 3pm. 

It will have to wait until the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be in the 70’s.  Totally looking forward to trying this dish out.  Can foresee a bit at how it will turn out.  So the only thing left is the execution of the dish and prayers that it won’t be a failed dish!  😛

Laters! 😉

Soy Chunks gets an “A”!


I’m sitting here in the office and having my little din-din for tonight, and I wondered to myself… Why haven’t I came across this food item earlier in the stage of when I was changing over to vegetarian meals?!  Simple answer… it was not in my area!  Digressing, digressing.

It’s been some hours since I made the dish and the soy chunks had the time to soak up some flavoring and it’s tasting pretty good. 🙂   I’m pretty amazed at how much I’m enjoying this dish.  Well truth be told…

So glad that it wasn’t a FAILED DISH!!!

Don’t think  Coronary-Marie would be able to stand it and I can see  Diabetica  praying  to the “porcelain god” and the Curio Cook  slapping me around because it would have been another  failed dish. O_o   Had enough of those from the weekend that passed.  T.T   Hey, I know everything is not going to be a hit… however — I’m really, truly happy that this Soy Chunk dish was a success!!!

Well, this is definitely a food item that I plan to test and experiment with.  😀  As with all things, the more I used/eat it, the better the dishes will come out.  yay!  😛

Well, you can get the general ideal of it.  😉

Okay, have to get back to work.  

Have a good evening!

Laters!  😀

Soy Chunks…


Can we talk for a quick moment?  Yeah?  Cool!  😀

Soy Chunks!

One of the food items that I’ve been wanting to try, was on my Bucket List  [No. 48] and I lucked out and found some!

  This was the product that I brought.  And being that the price was really reasonable, I brought a couple.  Now acting on impulse and not quite thinking, when I got home with it, the million dollar question popped up:

What the heck am I going to do with this stuff??? 



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