Life Changes

Howdy! 😛

Happy Friday to ya!

A post on sharing:  Life Changes

Since I’ve been diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease, well even before that, I was on the conquest of eating healthier and even looked towards eating more vegetarian dishes.  Thus, I’ve penned myself, 85% Vegetarian.  😛  See, I’m the type of person that likes to poke “fun” at myself.  It helps me to not take things seriously, and to deal with the current health issues I have.  

Where you thinking you have coined a name for yourself, guess what… somebody has already done it!

Since the decision on eating more vegetarian dishes, of course I began to search the web for information on vegetarian cooking and recipes.  I found this site Vegetarian Cooking  and it list the different types of Vegetarians.  I would be listed as Semi-Vegetarian because I still have to eat a meat protein.  I just stick to chicken and turkey — the lean, fat free parts which basically is the white meat.  I have to eat the meat protein because I’m Anemic and my hemoglobin levels can drop seriously low.  Already I had to have three blood transfusions earlier this year because of it.  Can ya tell I’m just having fun over here?  😛 

So anyhoo…

I devised a eating plan that’s been working out fine for me.  One week, I’ll eat 3 ounces of meat protein and then for two weeks, I’ll eat vegetarian dishes — making sure that I include beans and legumes in the meal so that I can get the added protein and fiber.  Chickpeas and Lentils has become my BFFs!  😀   I also incorporated vegetarian products in my meals too. 

True Confession

I really did not think that I would embrace the whole “Vegetarian Way of Eating.”  Although I do love my veggies, to eat just veggies/veggie products like… who knew?  I believe it happen in such a positive way because deep down inside, I just learned to accept.  To accept that because of my health issues, I had to change everything about ME in order to feel better and continue living!  Let’s be honest here… yes, I do want to see more days, there are things that I have in plan for myself and a Bucket List of places I want to go see, and things I want to do.  Plus, I’m doing it also for my offsprings!  Yes, I called my children my offsprings!  Since my friends told me to stop calling them my cretins!  😛  LOL!  To know that I have these serious health conditions and not change my lifestyle and way of eating, shame on me!

I already did the denial thing when I got diagnosed back in 2005 for Type 2 Diabetes and had a mild heart attack.  I did that diet where you only eat fats and meat proteins and my cholesterol level hit well over 800, along with my thyroid gland going into hyperactive state and producing more enzymes which caused the heart attack.  You would think that I would had open my eyes then.  Nope!   I kept going on like no change was going on in my body and almost died.  I was eating sugar like a crazy person, skin jumping, feeling dizzy and light headed and still acting like a stupid fool that is to say until one day, I’m on my way to work and woke up in the emergency room triage with all these tubes running in and out of me.  My blood sugar level had hit 497!    That was my wake up call.  The next year [2006], I got diagnosed for Hyperthyroidism and Peripheral Neuropathy. 

Can’t begin to describe to ya the feeling of a million of bees stinging the soles of your hands and feet!  Not the best feeling in the world.  Will drive you up the wall clawing for relief!

LOL but it gets better!  😛

2007, I experienced Diabetes Burnout!  I didn’t want to stick myself with another needle, I did not want to stab my fingers anymore to test my blood sugar because my fingers were getting callous-sy, and my skin was becoming super dry and the depression!  Man oh man!  There were days where I just did not want to get out of bed.  Not really caring how my mood was affecting my family.  I just didn’t want to deal anymore.  So one day I told myself, You know Jen, you can find just about anything online… why not look up despression regarding DiabetesAnd it blew my mind that there was.  It was called Diabetes Burnout.  I sought help for it and did a whole lot of praying and even did the support group, which I had to go way out of my way to get to and I was surprised that in NYC, the city that never sleeps, that have so much going on in it and around it, THERE WERE NEXT TO NO DIABETES SUPPORT GROUPS!  I was astounded.  Then I found a lot of support online from fellow Diabetics.

I had to apologize to my family for all the duress I put them through, and mainly forgive myself.

Crazy five years I tell ya and I just think that through all my experiences, good and bad I came a long way.  I felt like I was that Virginia Slims Chick at one point. Remember that old slogan,

You came along way Baby!

Ha!  Each day I learn to appreciate something more; something new.  Every morning when I wake up, it a new day for me to get it right and to be my crazy, quirky self for another day…

Through all my blessings great and small and the support and love of my family, I’m still here.  Yay!  😀

Oh yea, one more thing before I go… I get recipes from Vegetarian Times sent to me via email.  Today, I got Laotian Eggplant with Tomatoes, Onion, and Mint recipe.  It looks good.  Something that I may try this weekend because not only does it look delish, but it has a lot of my favorite ingredients as well.  😛  Check it out!

The End. 😉


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