My Curio Cook had her cooking tools out this morning!

Howdies!!!  😀

Ahhhhh…. coming off a relaxing weekend, where all my characters (Curio Cook, Diabetica, Coronary-Marie) all played nicely together, 😛  Diabetica had no “highs” or “lows”!!!  The weather was fairly nice and even though we didn’t get the rain that was predicted to happened over the weekend, it was pretty nice.  So nice that I went and sat on the Boardwalk and let the ocean air run through my short curly fro.  😛  Didn’t take a book along, but it was nice just staring out at the water.  🙂

So… now back at the post title at hand… I think I relaxed too much because the dang Curio Cook wanted to COOK THIS EARLY MORNING!  I was like, “Chick, heck no!”  See… I’ve been wanting to try out different ways preparing Tofu.  Not one of my favorites since becoming an 85% Vegetarian (or Semi-Vegetarian).

Well, for the life of me, I really want some Mushroom Lasagna.  😦   It can be the smallest dish ever, but I want some M-Lasagna.  So Why am I associating Tofu with Lasagna?  Because the M-Lasagna I’m going to make (at some point this week) will be prepared using Vegan cheese.  I started using vegan cheese two months ago and I rather enjoy  it more than most dairy cheese.   Thus, wanting now to try my hands at making Tofu Ricotta. 

However, Chickie thought I was going to do it early this morning.  Nope!  One of those kinds of dishes that I like to take my time with, and that’s on a day off from the “Reel World.”

Since I didn’t make anything over the weekend, this weekend, I think I shall do something. 

Oh well… CC pouted for a bit… it can’t be helped.  She’ll be alright.  😛  Just that I’m wondering though…

Will I like it?!?

*Sigh* a day in the life of.  [LOL]

Laters!  😉


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