Remake of a dish…

Howdies!  😛 

My weekend is almost here and all I want to do is be a “lazy lump on a log” for the duration of it!  😛  Yes… don’t wanna do nothing but relax, relax, relaaaxxxx.  This week has kinda been tiring on me, and when I get that run down feeling like that, it’s best that I do less as possible.  Don’t want Coronary Marie acting up and sending me chest pains!  LOL  Diabetica is having a good day; the bg levels are normal.  Yay!  😀

And the Curio Cook is making her shopping list so that tomorrow morning, we go shopping and shut  ourselves in for the weekend.  My taste buds is crying for a baked pasta dish.  Been wanting something like it since last week to be quite honest.  Did a search using the key words “roasted vegetables, pasta” and came across a recipe by Giada De Laurentiis from the FoodNetwork’s Giada at home cooking show.  It looked tasty enough, and the recipe [Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables] had some ingredients that I would modified to suit my taste as well as making it more heart-friendlier.  🙂

The recipe calls for the  Summer Vegetables, 3 different kind of cheeses, mushrooms, peas (HATE THEM) and butter.

My remake of this dish would be:

  • Along with the summer vegetables, I would also incorporate in the mix:
    • Turnips (Rutabagas)
    • Celery Root (Gotta try this veggie  if you haven’t already.  Definitely not a sexy vegetable, but it’s quite tasty! 🙂
    • Couple of big thick carrots
    • Broccoli florets
  • Instead of just 1 mushroom type,  why not add to the mix a nice combination of:
    • white button
    • shitake
    • cremini
    • portabella
  • No regular pasta for me, it would either be:
    • Dreamfields Pasta (good pasta for Diabetics)
    • Brown Rice Pasta
  • VEGAN CHEESE, DEFINITELY VEGAN CHEESE!!!*  Giada’s recipe calls for: Fontina, Smoked Mozzarella and grated Parmesan++.  Vegan cheese I’ll be using:
    • Smoked Provolone
    • Mozzarella
  • No Marinara Sauce for me.  Anything Tomatoes gives me upset stomach and bad heartburn.  However…  Roasted Red Bell Peppers makes a great sauce!  😀
  • No peas… hate them!  LOL  Instead will be those lovely Okra!
  • Absolutely, positively, No BUTTER!!! 

*Vegan cheese melts exceptionally well just like regular cheese and they taste pretty good.  Gotten used to eating the stuff so, that’s my cheese of choice.  But… the smoked provolone cheese, I plan to use less of because the smoky flavor is well pronounced in this product.

++Instead of grated parmesan cheese and the butter on top of the dish, I’ll just sprinkle a couple of teaspoons of Nutritional Yeast Flakes on top. 😉

The Root Veggies takes longer to roast, so I’m going to roast them first, followed by all the other veggies and seasoning.  The roasted red bell peppers sauce is not hard to make at all.  Just either roast them on an open flame and then cover and when cool peel the charred skin off, or just buy a couple of jars (that in water… not oil).  Puree peppers in blender with some water, basil, a pinch of salt and some pepper and that’s it.  That’s the sauce. By nature and definition, red bell peppers are naturally sweet, so the sauce will have a slight sweetness to it.

The Okra, I won’t roast.  I will throw them in the bowl as is when it’s time to to toss everything together.  LOL you know what happens when you cook Okra.  Love the heck out of that veggie!  😛 

So, I will be following the preparation/directions part of the recipe and then that’s my weekend meal.

As the weeks go rolling by, eating like a 85% vegetarian is getting a whole lot easier!  So proud of myself.  I also notice a change in how I’m feeling in regards to the Diabetic in me.  The need to take  Insulin aspart shots has lessen  since I’ve been eating more and more vegetarian dishes!  The only time I do have to take it, is when the week of eating meat protein occurs.

C’mon weekend!!! I’s ready!  😛 



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