Cooked Dish… FAILED!!!!

Heyas Folks!  😀

Over the weekend that just passed, I was hankering for some good old fashion “Rice and Beans” along with some “plantains – green and yellow.”    Went to the Fruit Stand and Ms. Kim had a cornucopia of fresh yellow and green zucchini, wild mushrooms and plantains… There were plenty of them and the price tag stuck to them, was sweet enough where I brought plenty!  😛

The yellow zucchini was such a blush yellowish-orange color  and the green ones were huge! 

Shopping Tip of the Day:

If possible, go to a Fruit Stand/Market to buy all your fresh produces… much cheaper than buying it at the supermarket!  😉

 Well, the weather wasn’t that great, but I really wanted the dish(es), soooooo I was in that dang kitchen cooking my life away.  LOL  Only use canned beans “if it’s my last resort…”  Made some dark Kidney Beans along with some sofrito (0 calories), green spanish olives and plain white rice (basmati) and then made some green plantains and some baked yellow ones.  Mmmm-mmmm… good eatz; but I did miss the Pernil though!  Not gonna lie about. . .  a piece of it would have definitely made the meal for me!  LOL  😛

Now on to the failed dish… 😦

Sunday, it was much cooler in the morning and the thought got in my head to make a vegetarian version of Mofongo.    I decided not to double-fry the plantains, but bake them instead.  I sautéed onions, garlic and diced carrots to  replaced the meat.    Just as the onion mixture was about done, I cut up the green plantains and added to the pan and cook them for about 10 minutes, and then added 3 tablespoons of vegetable broth to the mixture. 

Next, using a miniature muffin pan, I drop a tablespoon into each and let back for 40 minutes.  While the outer part of my baked mofongo was nice and dry, the part that was in the pan was super soft, super mushy and ewwww!!! 


This is one recipe that I will have to try again.  Maybe Mofongo was not meant to be baked.  I shall try it again… but definitely when the weather changed… no way I’m going to attempt turning that dang oven on again while NYC is under the attack of Summer!  😛

Other than that, Saturday meal was delish, had enough leftovers to take for my din-din at work and the zucchini was nice and sweet.  Really going to have to go buy some more… hey… @ 59¢ per pound, how can anyone go wrong?

I’m hoping that she’ll have some Okra this week.  Really want some. 

Okay, that’s it in a nutshell.



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  1. norma
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 22:45:00

    Funny..but its so frustrating when you dream up a dish and its a bust. Mofongo is mofongo….its just done the old way…I have a post..pernil stuffed with mofongo…I will think of a way to make ot heart healthy for you…will keep you posted…


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