Spinach sauteed with onions, garlic and mushrooms

Heyas!  😀

How are ya this Monday?  So who’s with me with the great migration to Alaska?  The sweltering heat in the Tri-State area that occurred last Friday and Saturday, did in me something awful!  😦  Got a small (and mind you small) relief on Sunday when it rained for a bit.

So anyhoo, today was the first time I had a chance to cook any meals.  When it’s hot like that, the kitchen is Taboo!

After the rains of yesterday, I ventured out to take in a bit of the coolness and went to the supermarket, where they had these jumbo bags of fresh spinach on sale!  😀  I’m not the one to pass up on a sale on produce.  😉  After throughly checking the bags (I brought two), came home and made spinach, english cucumbers, red onions with vegan mozzarella chesse pannini.  It was tasty. 

Today, I wanted “cooked spinach.”  Usually, I don’t like cooking my spinach.  Hate the cook taste of it and will eat it raw 99.9% of the time.    I had some sliced white button mushrooms in the fridge and decided to do a sauteed.


*Made enough to last me for the next three days.

Sauteed Spinach with Onions, Garlic and Mushrooms

1  jumbo bag of fresh spinach
5 garlic cloves, minced (I like the taste of garlic w/spinach)
1 medium spanish onion, finely chopped
1 1/2 Lbs. of white button mushrooms (the pre-sliced, already clean kind)
2 fresh bay leaves
Pinch of Salt (optional)
Pinch of Pepper
2 tablespoons of EVOO


In a large sauteen pan, heat olive oil on medium heat.  Add the chopped onions, bay leaves and minced garlic and the pinch of salt (optional) and sautee until translucent, but not turning brown. 

Turn up the heat under the pan and add the mushrooms and mix well.  Stir mixture occassionally for the next 15 minutes until mushrooms browned. 

Add the spinach.  Will seemed like a lot… however, once the spinach begin to wilt, it will look like 1/3 of what you originally started with.   Crank up the heat all the way and move spinach around in pan until spinach has wilted.  Add more salt (optional) and the pinch of pepper.  Turn off heat.

If I was eating bacon, I would add some bacon bits!  😛  Sorry but Turkey and Veggie Bacon cannot replace the real thing!  Since I can’t have it anymore, I just don’t bother….  And this dish probably would be excellent  with some red pepper flakes as well. 

So; after making the dish, I just made some of the Aged Basmati rice to go along with along with a salad.  Really do love aged basmati rice.  🙂 

Even if the next couple of days the heat factor goes back up,  I won’t have to worry about being the kitchen, or spending money… my meals are already prepared.  Yay!  😀

That’s it in a nutshell…

laters!  😉


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