A high and low day, with a light touch of humor!

Went to the doctor today… and my day was literally broken up into a “high and low day with a splash of some humor.”

High of the day:

Through my “Semi-Vegetarian” eating, I’ve lost 15 pounds!!!!

Went to the Cardiologist and the ticker is doing just fine!  😉

and how quickly it was shattered… 😦

Doc gave me a A1C test to check the levels, and an error message came up:

Hemoglobin levels low… run test again…

Low of the day:

If my hemoglobin levels dropped, then that means a stay in the hospital and getting a blood transfusion.  Truth be told, I’m not surprised at all.  These past weeks, I’ve been having dizzy spells and I kinda figure that’s what it was.  Hate diagnosing myself, so I patiently waited for today to come.

Remedy:  Had to take an emergency hemoglobin blood test that’s on alert.  Just got to wait and see if I’m going to get call to be admitted.  -_-

I’m a bad anemic and due to my menstrual, it has made it worst.  My GYN doc has started me on these shots on a monthly basis for anemia due to menstruation.

The medical doc wants me to seriously give thought to “radiation” treatment(s) for my thyroid condition.  Right now, it’s being treated via pill therapy.  He feels that a continuation of taking the pills would cause me to lose bone marrow.  =_=’ 

Like can I catch a break here?!  Sheesh!

My light touch of humor for today:

So, after all the craziness of the day, I was hungry and a part of me just wanted to eat something greasy, unhealthy with a “I just don’t give a crap right now” mood as a side.  Didn’t happen.    Went to a restaurant that specialized in vegetarian dishes and just got an order of string beans, and Can I tell ya that was the best order of string beans I’ve ever had coming from a restaurant?  They were so crunchy and had this really nice garlic taste to it.   The waitress set down a little platter that had individual little dishes of:   pickled beets, carrots, tomatoes and pickles on it and I’m staring at the beets because it’s a vegetable I really want to get “back” into.   (I was traumatized by being forced to eat that canned crap and I won’t go near a beet! 😛  ) 

After staring at them for a few seconds, I was like why not?  And it was great!  I mean I ate the whole little dish!  LOL   Growing up, I hated canned vegetables.  It was always a war at dinner time with my mom trying to force me to eat the veggies.  Took me a long time to eat veggies again.

To which I was quite astonish when I took to eating vegetarian meals without any problems.

Since I took that leap, thinking I’ll go out and buy a beet (and a small one at that) and cook it.   Not quite sure how I’m going to do it, but I’ll seek out some recipes tonight before going to bed.   The littlest thing we can find humor in… 😀

Oh well…  haven’t post in a while because I’m feeling drained for the time being and if I don’t have to use any unnecessary energy, I don’t. 

Okay, I’m done.



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  1. Norma
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 22:21:54

    Trim your beets and wrap in foil. Bake at 350 until tender. Juicy and sweet. I just posted on my blog a recipe for string beans I think you will enjoy. Hang in there!


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