A downer moment and a good recipe to boot!

Heyas! 😀

Been some days since I’ve made a post.  Truth be told, I was having a down moment.  Hey; it happens — even to some of the best of us.  Not really happy with my health status at the moment and in order for me to cope, get through the “meanwhile stage,” I have to shut down and just ride out the moment. 

Correction:  Sorry!  I forgot to add the garlic in the recipe, and the measurements for the soy sauces is incorrect.

Current Happenings

My hemoglobin levels dropped again.  =_=”   This explains why I’ve been having dizzy spells lately.  The normal hemoglobin level for a healthy human is 14.0.  Mine has dropped to 7.4.  Back in February of this year, it had dropped to 6.0 causing me to get three blood transfusions in order to bring the levels back up.  I remembered how I felt back then; dizzy spells, shortness of breath, couldn’t walk five steps in front of me without having to stop and grasp for air.  I’m just having dizzy spells at the moment. 

So…  Medical doctor referred me to the Hemotology department and back to the GYN doctor.  

The GYN doctor that I saw last time did not recommend the transfusion.  Since I just received that shot recently, he wanted to let it work first along with the increase of iron pills (3x a day).  He knows that I would still have to the dizzy spells and that I will have to deal with it until my hemoglobin levels spiked.  If after two weeks the dizzy spells hasn’t subsided or gotten worse, then I come back and probably will have to get a blood transfusion.  =_=” 

Although I was happy with the outcome, the dizzy spells are getting to me.  I really don’t have a fear of passing out… just tired of feeling tired and dizzy.  If that makes sense.  After waddling in my little moment over the weekend and yesterday.  Also, taking those dang iron pills is driving me crazy.  You know what happens when you take iron pills.  No need for me to explain.  🙂

I’m feeling a little better today  😛  I can only stand that pity party but for so long.  LOL  I will do what it takes to get over it!

And two things puts me in a good mood:  cooking and shopping!  😀   Since I’m trying to pay up all my bills, shopping is definitely out.  Ha!  Didn’t want to buy outside food, so I got up this morning and made me:

Mushroom and Barley Stew*


1 very large spanish onion, diced
3 large carrots, diced
6 Celery stalks, diced
1 tsp of crush garlic+
6 fresh bay leaves++
2 lbs of cremini mushrooms, sliced
1 cup of barley — picked through, rinsed and drained
1 carton of vegetable stock
2 tbsps of mushroom soy sauce
1 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce
1/4 tsp of white pepper
1 tsp of fresh thyme leaves
1 tbsp of EVOO

No salt… you get your salt from the mushroom soy sauce.


Heat olive oil in wok until hot, add the diced onions, crush garlic, carrots, celery and bay leaves and cook until vegetables are tender.  Add the mushrooms and cook until mushrooms are tender.  Then add the vegetable stock, both soy sauces, the thyme and pepper.  Let boil for 10 minutes until the flavor of the mushrooms, stock and soy sauces blend together.

Add the cup of barley, stir to incorporated in wok and then cover with lid and lower the heat until simmer.  Let cook for the next 45-50 minutes, stirring twice in between cooking time.  Once done, remove wok from heat. 

*I call it a stew because it takes on the consistency of a stew.  Once the barley cooks down, it thickens the sauce.

+I cheated… didn’t feel like chopping fresh garlic.  Always a good thing to have ready-made crush garlic in the jar.  😉

++I love bay leaves. So if you feel that that’s too many bay leaves, then add less.

There ya have it.  A nice meaty-like stew that’s 100% vegetarian!  I know that my seasoning is on the bland side… that’s only because I can’t handle too much seasoning.  But I’m quite sure that this stew would be excellent if chopped roma tomatoes were added.  Something I can’t consume.  Season accordingly to your taste buds.  I relied on the full flavor of the veggies and certain seasoning I used.  Mushroom soy sauce has a great flavor.  That’s why I added no salt.  I knew that I would get my salty flavoring from the soy sauce.

Now that my din-din is cooked, and this blog post is coming to an end, I’m just going to rest up until it’s time for me to get ready and go into work.  So glad that I have an evening job… 😀

That’s it in a nutshell.

Laters!  😛


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  1. norma
    Aug 03, 2010 @ 12:27:29

    I keep collecting recipies for my vegetarian clients and this is going in


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