A “Moody-Blues” Moment…


It’s been a hot moment since I’ve made a post.  I’ve been suffering through some ‘down’ days that left me not wanting to do anything.  😦  Gomen [Sorry].

Since the last post, still having some down days.  Even though I try not to, I have come to grips with reality that I can’t be Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky all the time  Oh well.  😛

The days that passed,  have been trying for me — health wise and it seemed like every time I turn around, I was going for this test, going for that test; hemoglobin levels dropped, walking around with dizzying spells and constantly fearing that I would pass out in public because of them.

Having a hard time focusing and having problems with my vision at times…  and the worst, NOT BEING ABLE TO SLEEP!    All of it has taken a toll on me and when I get frustrated to the point where I don’t know what to do, I… just…shut…down.   This time around not only was I feeling down in the pits, I was also angry.  So annoyed that I wanted to scream, rant and spew out profanity (to which I don’t do), because I was that angry; that annoyed.

Oh well…

I’m feeling a little bit better.  🙂  Can’t stand the pity party but for so long!  😛   And of course with the heat of the summer, I haven’t been wanting to cook anything, nor experiment with new dishes and the Curio Cook in me is pouting like a kid! 

The Diabetic and the Heart is just pleased that I haven’t forgotten to eat some balanced meals. 

Like with all things, this too shall pass and hey, the sun will come out tomorrow.  😉  And then it will be back to cooking, back to experimenting and whole shi-bang!  LOL!!!!

Congratulations Aarti for winning the “Next Food Network Star!!!”

It was a good running. Looking forward to see what’s going to be stirring in the pots soon!

That’s about it.

Laters!  🙂


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