Ha! A much needed humorous moment…

Howdy folks!  😛

11:57 pm and I’m giggling up a storm. 

Okay, you know the Mock Tuna Fish I made yesterday but call it Chickpea Salad?  (Can’t stop giggling) Well, tonight I got a call at the office from my offsprings [Yes, I call them my offsprings] and they were telling me that they enjoyed the Tuna Fish that was in the fridge.

Me:  Oh really?  You guys really liked it?
Them:  Yea, it was pretty good.  However, you didn’t use Bumblebee this time did you?
Me:  Ummm… no, I didn’t.
Them:  Well it’s cool.  It was good anyway.  Oh by the way… don’t get mad, but we ate it up.
Me:  Oh did you?!
Them:  Yea.
Me:  Okay.  I’ll make some more at a later time.
Them:  Cool.  Know ya at work, so we’ll see you in the morning.  Love you.
Me:   Love ya back.

I fell out laughing!  I laughed so hard that tears kissed my eyes!  Little do they know they were eating chickpeas instead of tuna.  Ha!  Oh gosh, I’m feeling a bit sheepish because I want to tell them that they had fake tuna sandwiches on one hand, or  not mentioning  anything at all on the other.  What to do, what to do…

As they were talking to me, I’m sitting at my desk wondering

how could they not know they weren’t eating real tuna?

Well, for what it’s worth — they got a good dose of fiber in them!  Ha!  This is a riot.  Just cannot make these things up!  Ha!  😛

[Giggling] Wonder how mad would they be if I let them know in the morning that it wasn’t Tuna Fish?  Priceless I tell ya… priceless!  A much needed laugh tonight as it was a bit on the stressful side.  Felt my nerves in my hands and feet (peripheral neuropathy) trying to start with the burning sensation and then they called and just put me in a good mood and the right frame of mind since I’m at work.  Children… gotta love the things that they do and say.  Right?

Back to work go I.

Happy Twilight Morning to ya.  😉



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. norma
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 12:33:47

    Very funny…..a real hoot!


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